Skiathos is located in the northwest Aegean . It is the smallest but the most famous island of Sporades.

The golden beaches, the green mountains and the historical monuments composes the image of the inland which worthy belongs in the most beautiful Aegean islands.

The complexity of the island along with the changes of the settings and landscapes keep intense the interest of the visitors till the last moment. The 60 beautiful beaches of the island  from which these of the south side are the most cosmopolitan and the rest of the north side have their own wild beauty.

All the above composes a special shelter for your summer vacations. In the island you can strongly taste the cosmopolitan air and you can also find many shops, coffee houses , bars, restaurants which can cover all taste , while you will also find very interested in the night life of our island.

Crossing through the paved alleys of the island you will meet many churches, traditional stone houses with blooming gardens. You will also find the most  scenic neighborhood  of the island “PLAKES” and the house in which lived and thrived ALEXANDROS PAPADIAMANTIS

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